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yokohama rubber fender

Pneumatic rubber fender is the advanced anti-collision device for marine application in the world today.It uses compressed air as medium to absorb the impact energy when ship-to-ship contact(STS) and ship-to-berthing(STB).
Product description
Product Description
Pneumatic rubber fender is the advanced anti-collision device for marine application in the world today.It uses compressed air as medium to absorb the impact energy when ship-to-ship contact(STS) and ship-to-berthing(STB).
Our Services
The structure Hangshuo ship airbag for ship is shown in Fig. 4. It consists of a bag body and end-iron component. The bag body is made from vulcanization of base rubber and reinforced fiber material. The end-iron component is made of metal materials and connected to the bag body firmly. 
Spare Parts
Performance table
1 Marine fender is with the use of high quality natural rubber nylon cord fabrics.
2 Good ageing resistance performance character is tics.
3 Using compressed air as damping medium, the rubber can transform flexibly under pressure, with large contact area, small reaction and absorb large amount of energy.
4 When berthing, the ship is almost at a certain angle, the marine fender can realize contact in a certain angle by bringing full play to its performance.
5 Floating on the water surface, even the ship fluctuate and sway resulting from ebb and flow and waves.
6 Simple installation, simply installed on the wharf and anchor mast.
7 Ageing resistance, corrosion resistance.
8 Long service life.
Productive Process
Company Information
Qingdao Hangshuo Marine Supplies Co.,Ltd.specialized in manufacturing marine airbags and pneumatic rubber fenders from 2005.
We have established long-term cooperation relationship with many shipyards and ship owners, trading companies in China mainland.
We also export to Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Philippinesand many other countries in the world .

1.The lenghth you marked is the effective lenghth or including two cones end?
Answer: All of size we provided is effective lenghth,don't including the cones.
2.How long is the guarantee  period?
Answer: All of our airbags have 3 years guarantee period.
3.How about the lifespan of your marine airbags?
Answer:Designed lifespan of our marine airbags is 8 to 10 years
4.What's your warranty period?
Answer: Our warranty period is 3 years. we will responsible for the repairment or replace the new ones for you if it proved to be our quality problem.
5.What kind certificate you can provide.
Answer: CCS,BV etc.certificate is available
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