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Long Lifespan Inflatable Pneumatic Rubber Shipping Airbags

Long Lifespan Inflatable Pneumatic Rubber Shipping Airbags

Using an Airbag for ship launching and lifting is an innovative technology which we have proprietary intellectual property rights.
Product description
Product Description    
Using an Airbag for ship launching and lifting is an innovative technology which we have proprietary intellectual property rights.It’s a new technology who have tremendous potential to be used more and more extensive.
Marine airbag also known as rubber airbag, ship air bags, ship launching airbag, ship salvage airbag, boat salvage airbags, inflatable airbag, ship lifting bag, air balloon, made by rubber & multi layer of rubber-dipped tyre fabric. Airbags are widely used in launching and landing ship/ boat/vessel, lifting and moving heavy goods, salvaging stranded boats. Marine airbags are very popular with shipyard, ship owner, and marine supplies company now.  
Nowadays, Marine airbag are widely used in the world. The Products are less limited by space, no large mechanical equipment, can shorten the working period and save the unnecessary cost. Through years of development practice, marine rubber airbag is become more safety,effective and green environmental protection.
Our Services
The structure Hangshuo ship airbag for ship is shown in Fig. 4 marine rubber balloon/ rubber airbags for ship landing . It consists of a bag body and end-iron component. The bag body is made from vulcanization of base rubber and reinforced fiber material. The end-iron component is made of metal materials and connected to the bag body firmly.
Performance table
USAGE And Our Customers
1.Hoist and handling airbags:
They can be widely used for handling the various large prefabricated reinforced-concrete products( such as caisson, box culvert, bridge), oil drilling equipment and integrated building, etc.
2. Floating and filling airbags:
The corresponding buoyancy can be offered on the client’s request during wreck salvage and underwater installation operation. Filling and floating gasbags can be flexibly combined for wreck salvage, pontoon bridge installation, dock, above water transmission pipeline, etc. in many ways such as cabin occupation , etc.
3. Water supply and drain airbag for ship:
It is widely used for water supply and drain engineering for large-size, medium-size and small –size ships, with labour-saving, time-saving and physical force -saving.
4. Mandrel airbag:
It can substitute for the wooden or steel mandrel used for pouring hollow large reinforced concrete structure.
5. Container airbag:
It can be used as the gas or liquid storage and transport container.
Productive Process
Company Information
Qingdao Hangshuo Marine Supplies Co.,Ltd.specialized in manufacturing marine airbags and pneumatic rubber fenders from 2005.
We have established long-term cooperation relationship with many shipyards and ship owners, trading companies in China mainland.
We also export to Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Philippinesand many other countries in the world 
1.The lenghth you marked is the effective lenghth or including two cones end?
Answer: All of size we provided is effective lenghth,don't including the cones.
2.How long is the guarantee  period?
Answer: All of our airbags have 3 years guarantee period.
3.How about the lifespan of your marine airbags?
Answer:Designed lifespan of our marine airbags is 8 to 10 years
4.What's your warranty period?
Answer: Our warranty period is 3 years. we will responsible for the repairment or replace the new ones for you if it proved to be our quality problem.
5.What kind certificate you can provide.
Answer: CCS,BV etc.certificate is available
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